• In recent years, a few ID consortiums launched to give advertisers an audience identification alternative to the Facebook-Google duopoly.
  • This summer, two consortiums joined forces. And a few weeks ago, they launched their first commercial proof of concept.
  • Travis Clinger, vice president of strategic partnerships at LiveRamp, spoke with eMarketer about what’s next for ID consortiums.

The Advertising ID Consortium is getting off the ground after an eventful 2018: MediaMath’s co-founder departed the organization, AppNexus vacated its board seat after getting bought by AT&T, and the consortium integrated with DigiTrust a few months after the fellow ID group was acquired by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab. In addition, the consortium launched its first commercial proof of concept in late November.

ID consortiums have cropped up as a solution to accurately identifying audiences outside of the Google-Facebook duopoly, which is a pain point for many advertisers.

In a July 2018 survey of 408 marketing industry professionals in North America conducted by Winterberry Group and Data & Marketing Association (DMA), just one in seven respondents said that they are able to identify their audience members extremely well. Most respondents indicated that they can identify their audience fairly or somewhat well.

The study predicted that spending on identity solutions among US marketers will grow from $900 million in 2018 to $2.6 billion in 2022.

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